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Ergo-Arvenso Zirben plate slat grid

Full flexibility, the body is literally sensory scanned. This is the attribute of the so-called plate grates. Most of them contain a lot of metal and plastic. The starting material for the Ergo-Arvenso is called pine or pine wood. Solid beech wood serves as a substructure. Even in the adjustable variants, stable wooden fittings are used. Thus, Ergo-Arvenso is completely metal-free.

Ergo-Arvenso can do even more: it has a particularly efficient lowering in the shoulder area, which can yield to the bottom, but also to the sides. In addition, softer spring elements in the shoulder and in the hip area ensure increased ergonomic adaptation. The essential oils of the pinewood have proven to be soothing.

Recommendations: ideally suited for lateral position,
Body weight: up to 110 kg

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6 cm 100% beech solid wood, untreated rigid, back-foot upright, metal-free
55 pieces, 100% pine wood, untreated
Spring Elements
Soft-Move bellows (orange = softer)
about 11 cm
at 100x200 cm 19 kg (rigid)

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