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About usBaumberger from Nottuln

When night falls... more and more people ask themselves the question:
„What exactly am I sleeping on?”

Dear reader, you are these people, because you are looking at the Baumberger catalogue and are hoping to improve your sleeping experience.

The human body is an organism designed by nature, therefore it needs a natural environment to live in and especially to sleep in. This enables our bodies to recover and tackle the challenges of sleep, as while sleep is ideally a soothing and resting experience, your body still has to work quite hard in order to regenerate itself.

A good night’s sleep is an essential pre-requisite to enable the body to properly recuperate from the day’s trials. Modern sleep science has proven that the immune system and metabolism are both positively influenced by sufficient sleep.

The bedding industry is constantly developing high-tech materials to improve the sleeping experience, and the general interest and need for more natural beds is also on the rise. This is understandable, since we have been sleeping on natural materials ever since people started building beds around 75,000 years ago. Natural materials are the ideal match for our bodies and allow a comfortable ‘nest’ to be built.

Founded in 1992, Baumberger produces mattresses and bedding made only from certified ecological sources and are a market leader in this area. In 2013, Baumberger was certified as the first mattress production in Europe according to the GOLS guidelines.

Our mission is to offer our clients superior ‘sleep comfort’ created by nature.

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