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Futon Lana soft Organic Wool Latex Futon

This futon has a higher adaptability than all other futons from the Baumberger manufactory. It is achieved via the inner natural latex foam core. Although the used sheep's wool gives a certain softness, the point-elastic core brings here the essential lying comfort. All materials are from certified organic production. Futon Lana soft is filed inside, so it has no buttons or tassels on the surface. For people who are pure natural fiber futons too tight and foam mattresses too soft, Lana soft is just the thing.

Recommendations: often turn and roll up
suitable for back and prone, conditionally for lateral position
Body weight: up to 95 kg

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Futon Lana soft
Futon Lana soft
Futon Lana soft made with certified organic Control Union CU829528 Baumberger Elza GmbH & Co.KGElzach
9 layers of 100% pure new wool, ktT GOTS, 500g / m², 4 cm 100% natural latex foam organic GOLS
100% cotton organic GOTS, Panama
about 12 cm
at 100x200 cm approx. 18 kg
Indentation 5

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