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Futon Lana pur Organic Wool Futon

Lana or Wool in English, has the advantage of having a capillary structure which transports humidity away from the body quickly. Its natural fatty lubrication gives it antibacterial properties and is cleaned according to GOTS guidelines, which makes is very suitable for individuals with allergies. Wool is temperature regulating, keeps warm in winter and cool in summer. The Futon Lana is very comfortable and if turned and rolled up often, extremely durable. The linen cording and interior stapling of the cover help to keep the mattress in shape. This pure new wool mattress can also be used in combination with our highly flexible slat systems.

Turn often and roll up.
Appropriate for back- and stomach sleeping positions, moderately appropriate for side sleepers.
Body weight up to 85 kg

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Futon Lana pur
Futon Lana pur
13 Layers 100% Pure New Wool kbT, GOTS, 500g/m²
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Panama
12 cm
at 100 x 200 cm 15 kg
Indentation 4

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