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Futon Deshi Kokos Organic Futon

The core incorporates finely curled Omat coconut fibres, which stabilise the mattress from the middle and also provides good ventilation. Omat fibres have superior temperature controlling properties and transport humidity very well. The desi cotton with its fluffiness creates a relatively oft surface. The Deshi Kokos is slightly firmer to sleep on but can be rolled up. This way the futon is compatible with various spring and support systems. Of course it is made in Baumberger style, with interior stapling and our traditional linen cording.

Turn often and roll up
Appropriate for back- and stomach sleeping positions. Less suitable for side sleeping position.
Body weight up to 85 kg

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Futon Deshi Kokos
Futon Deshi Kokos
pure vegetalpure vegetal
10 Layers 100% Desi Cotton kbA, GOTS, 500g/m², 2 Layers 100% Omat Coconut Fibre on Jute Fabric, 1000g/m²
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Panama
12 cm
at 100 x 200 cm 18 kg
Indentation 2

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