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Futon BaLe Kokos Organic Futon

Bale is the German abbreviation for cotton and linen. Through the homogenous mixture of 20% linen fibres in this futon, the transport properties of humidity is improved in this cotton wool like fleece fabric. Additionally linen has antibacterial properties and the desi cotton creates the necessary fluffiness. Omat coconut fibres gives form stability and a pleasant sleeping climate. The Futon Bale Kokos is highly suitable for individuals with a tendency to perspire and who prefer natural fibres. The cover is stapled from the inside and manufactures with a circumferential linen cording. The mattress can be used with a Tatami or slats.

Turn often and roll up
Appropriate for back- and stomach sleeping positions, less suitable for side sleepers.
Body weight up to 85 kg

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Futon BaLe Kokos
Futon BaLe Kokos
pure vegetalpure vegetal
10 Layers 80% Desi Cotton kbA GOTS, 20% Linen kbA GOTS, 500g/m2, 2 Layers 100% Omat Coconut Fibre on Jute fabric 1000g/m²
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Panama
12 cm
at 100 x 200 cm 18 kg
Indentation 2

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