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Classic-Collection Baumberger Mattresses

RossaHorsehair mattress


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RossoHorsehair mattress


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PiuMa RokoNatural Latex Mattress

PiuMa Roko

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PiuMa CokoNatural Latex Mattress

PiuMa Coko

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PiuMa RossoNatural Latex Mattress

PiuMa Rosso

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PiuMa LanaNatural Latex Mattress

PiuMa Lana / PiuMa Lana Softstepp

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PiuMa SoloNatural Latex Mattress

PiuMa Solo

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„Woven Moonlight“
Linen – a classic.

5000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians prized linen above all for its special qualities and texture, it was called ‚woven moonlight’.

As they already knew of its hygienic and anti-bacterial properties, it was a widely popular fabric. You will certainly also appreciate the advantages linen has to offer as bedding. A traditional crop in Europe, half-linen drill was the standard cover material of a quality mattress until the 1960s.

Even compared to today’s versatile high-tech fabrics, linen will always prove to be superior. The fibre is naturally highly breathable, tear-resistant and offers great moisture – and temperature regulation, as if it were made for us.

The Classic Collection mattresses are covered in half-linen drill, with its unique qualities.

Baumberger Mattresses

The firm and sturdy look of linen is not just a visual characteristic, it has great longevity and durability. A circumferential linen cording and our very own interior stapling technique are a mark of high quality craftsmanship, which has become a luxury in today’s world of mass production.

Baumberger half-linen drill is unbleached and specifically kept in its natural linen hue. The ‚inner’ qualities of a mattress will further determine its comfort and durability.

Inside Baumberger Classic mattresses you will only find the highest standard natural materials such as horsehair, pure new wool, cotton, linen, natural latex and coconut fibres. These are predominantly from certified organic sources and all production processes through to the final product strictly adhere to GOTS or GOLS guidelines and are certified accordingly.

At Baumberger we are proud to offer our, classic-mattresses in an up-to-date fashion: Natural and always ecological. Our Classic Collection, high standard originals, beyond compare with their trademark linen-cording.

Even compared to today’s versatile high-tech fabrics, linen will always prove to be superior.

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