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Vario Child / Adolescent

Vario is the synthesis of two purely natural filling materials. Latex foam and coconut latex, which compliment each other to make variable children’s or adolescent mattresses. The latex-filled side is soft and very pliable, whereas the coconut side has a firmer surface and the stability around the edges required for smaller children. The Vario mattress can be turned according to your requirements and preferences. The mattress is available with two outside cover options, pure new wool or a cotton-linen blend. All materials are highly breathable with excellent heat retention and humidity regulation properties.

From 0-11 years, depending on mattress size
Suitable for stomach and back sleeping positions (firm side),
Side-sleeping positions (soft side)

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Vario made with certified organic Control Union CU829528 Baumberger Elza GmbH & Co.KGElzach
pure vegetalpure vegetal
3 cm / 4 cm 100% Omat Coconut latex-fibre QUL, 3 cm / 4 cm 100% Natural Latex Foam QUL
Outside Cover A
100% Pure New Wool kbT, GOTS 500g/m²
Outside Cover B
80% Desi Cotton kbA, 20% Linen kbA, GOTS 500g/m²
100% Cotton kbA, GOTS Drill,machine-washable at 60°, with triple zip
Inside Sleeve
100% Cotton kbA, Tricot, GOTS
8 cm Children’s Mattress, 10 cm Adolescent Mattress
Indentation 4

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