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Varia Lana Junior Natural Latex Mattress

Varia Lana Junior is a follow-up option from a youth mattress, for lighter adults or as a guest mattress. The quilted cover with pure new wool is temperature regulating and improves moisture transport. The quilting layer makes the surface tighter and for a firmer lying experience. This mattress, also combines a highly flexible spring element with bending elasticity, and so is suitable for adults of normal weight.

Appropriate for back and side-sleeping positions
Up to 65 kg body weight -> medium, up to 85 kg-> firm.
Use of mattress protector is advised, handles are optional

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Varia Lana Junior
Varia Lana Junior
QUL Varia Lana Junior
10 cm 100% Natural Latex Foam QUL,1-Zone, medium or firm
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Cotton Sateen Drill
Quilting Layer
100% Pure New Wool kbT GOTS 300g/m2
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Tricot
12 cm
at 100 x 200 cm 19 kg
Indentation 5

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