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Basic-Collection Baumberger Mattresses and Slatted

Varia Solo JuniorNatural Latex Mattress

Varia Solo Junior

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Varia Solo BasicNatural Latex Mattress

Varia Solo Basic

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Varia Solo SandwichNatural Latex Mattress

Varia Solo Sandwich

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Varia Solo ComfortNatural Latex Mattress

Varia Solo Comfort

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Varia Solo Comfort ZNatural Latex Mattress

Varia Solo Comfort Z

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Varia Lana JuniorNatural Latex Mattress

Varia Lana Junior

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Varia Lana BasicNatural Latex Mattress

Varia Lana Basic

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Varia Lana SandwichNatural Latex Mattress

Varia Lana Sandwich

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Varia Lana ComfortNatural Latex Mattress

Varia Lana Comfort

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Varia Lana Comfort ZNatural Latex Mattress

Varia Lana Comfort Z

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Varia MedioSlatted

Varia Medio

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A good day starts at night.
…rejuvenating, invigorating and empowering.

After a good night’s sleep you can start your day in good spirits. This is just as important for your overall well-being as a healthy lifestyle. We are convinced that creating a sleep environment with natural materials is as beneficial as having a healthy breakfast every day.

You don’t believe it? Why don’t you put us to the test and try one of our affordable natural mattresses from our basic collection.

Because we believe in the importance of healthy sleep, we want to make natural mattresses available and affordable for everyone. In our basic collection you will only find high quality products made by Baumberger.

Putting 20 years of experience into the development of these mattresses, we created a line that does not compromise in the areas of durability and comfort, but still remains affordable. The Baumberger basic collection includes all the traditional mattress models yet still remains flexible, which means it caters to all ages and sleep preferences.

Your choices range from fixed quilted (Lana) to removable and machine-washable covers (Solo), firm or softer mattresses, in child or adult sizes. With our basic collection, you will be able to find top quality natural products to suit your requirements and budget. 


To make it even simpler most models start at the same price, regardless of the core you choose.

Genius! The partner mattress… optional within the Comfort range

A double bed with one single large mattress – or even better with two different cores? This is all possible with the partner mattress. No more „crack“ between the mattresses, one uniform piece with the comfort you each desire.

The cover of the partner mattress is connected by a quadruple zip for easy removal of top and bottom. All the pieces are easy to handle with the benefit of one large sleeping area.

You can see how much customisable variety the Baumberger basic collection has, which is why all its mattresses have the „prefix“ Varia.

After a good night’s sleep you can start your day in good spirits

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