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Millet Pillow

Millet cushion / millet quilting pad
Millet chaff trickles quieter than other chaff or grain fillings. Because of the very fine and small bowls, it fits wonderfully on the body. Further properties are: good heat storage, high silica content and best air conditioning. Through the zipper on the cover can be changed very quickly and easily the capacity. Thanks to the temperature-retaining property of millet chaff, the millet cushion can be used as a heat or cold pad. The millet quilting cushion consists of the base pillow plus quilting and thus has an inner lining.

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pure vegetalpure vegetal
Hirse-Kissen Hirse-Steppkissen GOTS Label
100% cotton organic, GOTS, percale, 60 ° washable, with zipper
Quilted Pillow
100% cotton organic GOTS, fine percale
100% cotton organic GOTS, 300g / sqm
Quilted Base
100% cotton organic GOTS, jersey 60 ° washable, with zipper
10 cm cushion / 11 cm quilting cushion
about 1,500 g at 40 x 60 cm

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