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BaLe Pillow

BaLe Pillow / BaLe Quilted Pillow

Traditional Indian bedding uses ‘desi cotton’, which gives pillows great volume while remaining quite soft. The linen mix releases humidity quickly. The individually quilted sections prevent any lumps forming in the filling. Another great advantage is that the whole pillow is machine-washable. The five fleece layers can be hung out to air and dry be and can also be rolled up individually inside the pillow to increase neck support.

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BaLe Pillow
BaLe Pillow
pure vegetalpure vegetal
Bale Kissen GOTS Label
5 Layers 80% Deshi Cotton kbA, GOTS 20% Linen kbA, GOTS, quilted with Cotton Tricot, kbA GOTS, machine-washable at 30°
100% Cotton kbA, GOTS, Percale, machine-washable at 60°, with zip
Quilted Pillow
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Fine-Percale
Quilting Layer
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, 300g/m2
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Tricot, machine-washable at 60°, with zip
10 cm Pillow / 11 cm Quilted Pillow
ca. 1.100 g at 40 x 60 cm

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