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Camel Quilted Duvet Duvet

Can you imagine a more perfectly suited filling for a summer duvet? Living in the extreme temperatures of the desert regions camels have developed a wool coat that has superior cooling properties. Baby camel lanugo in particular is highly effective, as the youngest animals need to be better protected from the harsh climate. The animals are not sheared; the falling hairs are simply collected.  This duvet has a thin filling, is lightweight, and extremely soft and comfortable. It is also available with ties to attach to other duvets, according to your requirements.

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Camel Quilted Duvet

Moisture Transport:

Heat retention:


100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Fine Percale
100% Baby Camel Lanugo Cold wash only
2 cm
Filling Weight
ca. 600 g at 135 x 200 cm
ca. 1.300 g at 135 x 200 cm

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