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Camel Duo extrawarm Camel Hair

The most important factor for superior temperature generation in a duvet after the filling volume is the efficiency in humidity transport. Only a dry sleep environment can create comfortable warmth. Baby-Camel lanugo has highly efficient humidity transport properties and it generates more heat through its high fluffing capacity, in addition to the double-layer effect of this winter duo duvet. It is very soft and comfortable, breathable and lightweight. A better fibre that is as light as this but with these warming and acclimatising properties is probably impossible to find.

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Camel Duo extrawarm

Moisture Transport:

Heat retention:


100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Fine Percale
100% Baby Camel Lanugo
Separation Layer
100% Cotton, Gauze Cold wash only
3 cm
Filling Weight
ca. 1.800 g at 135 x 200 cm
ca. 2.700 g at 135 x 200 cm

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