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Certifications at the highest level.Act locally, change globally!

We try to understand and respect the cycles on this planet. Today, globalization is linked to economic networking rather than global thinking. We want to contribute to a sustainable global economy.

That is why we source our materials largely from organic production since 1993, when we first manufactured products from certified organic cotton and thus became trendsetters in the industry.

In 1996, Baumberger was one of the world's first mattress manufacturers that was certified according to the "EKO sustainable textile standard" at the time.

You will find three quality seals on Baumberger products!

The meaning and which conditions must be met in order to obtain them, here briefly explained: (Abbreviations: kbA = controlled biological cultivation / kbT = controlled biological animal husbandry)



Zertifiziert durch Control Union
CU 829528

GOTS = Global Organic Textile Standard

Requirements for using the GOTS label

  • There are two label levels:
    Label level 1 (kbA / kbT) = 95% of the product must consist of kbA / kbT natural fibers.
    Label level 2 (hergestellt mit kbA / kbT) = at least 70% must come from kbA / kbT
  • All production sites along the textile chain, including the final production, must be GOTS certified
  • GOTS requires strict environmental and social criteria, petrochemical and genetic engineering substances are prohibited. That is why GOTS products are free of pollutants for people and the environment and ensure fair working conditions
  • Pay attention to the license number of the manufacturer below the GOTS label, because without a license number the product or the production is not certified
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made with certified organic latex
CU 829528

GOLS = Global Organic Latex Standard

Requirements for using the GOLS label

  • Natural latex must be certified organic, synthetic latex is not allowed. If mixed with other materials (such as coconut fibers), they must be certified
  • GOLS is based on the GOTS, therefore the above points 2 - 4 are just as integral to the GOLS criteria. Also pay attention to the license number below the label
  • further textile components in the mattress must be 95% kbA / kbT certified.
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Zertifiziert nach
QUL Zertifikat 029A

QUL = Quality Association Environmentally Friendly Latexmattresses

Requirements for using the QUL label

  • Natural latex must be pollutant controlled according to QUL guidelines, synthetic latex is not allowed
  • Other materials in the mattress must be made of natural substances tested for harmful substances, if available on the market from kbA / kbT
  • Only products listed at the QUL are allowed to carry the label.
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