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Four layers of tightly compressed organic sheep's wool make a firm topper and create a more compact surface on soft mattresses. The positive properties of wool can fully unfold in this topper. It is particularly heat regulating and has superior moisture absorption. The satin-like atlas ticking gives a smooth surface and is in turn quilted with fluffy organic sheep's wool. The Baumberger wool topper is made in a classic design with a side border. The wool topper can be fixed with elastic bands which are attached to the corners.

Recommendations: turn often suitable for supine and prone positions, conditionally for side position depending on the base mattress

body weight: up to 95 kg

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Baumberger Topper
wool topper
4 layers of 100% organic GOTS sheep’s wool, 500g/m² each
100% organic GOTS cotton, atlas ticking with side border and 4-sided zip
under stitching
100% organic GOTS sheep’s wool, 300g/m²
quilted underside
100% organic GOTS cotton, tricot
at 100x200 cm 8 kg

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