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Ergo-Balance Slatted

Solid, strong locally sourced beech wood is the main material for the Ergo-Balance bed. The magic of slat suspension creates incredible spring action, by simply resting firm slats on an elastic surface. The special feature of this system is the slats literally hover on the frame, moving freely even to the sides. This gives them a movement range of about 5 cm, providing an optimum contour, responding to the shifting planes of your body in every sleeping position. The Ergo-Balance mattress offers a flexible, free moving shoulder comfort zone, which is particularly comfortable and noticeable in the side-sleeping position. Ergo-Balance is easy to repair, free of metal or synthetic materials and is made without glued elements.

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8,5 cm 100% Beech-Solid, fixed, back height adjustable, back-foot height adjustable
100% Solid Beech-Wood
Elastic Straps
100% Natural Rubber
Fabric Bands
100% Cotton
11 cm
at 100 x 200 cm 23 kg (fixed)

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