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Futon-Collection Baumberger Mattresses

Futon Deshi purOrganic Futon

Futon Deshi pur

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Futon Deshi KokosOrganic Futon

Futon Deshi Kokos

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Futon BaLe KokosOrganic Futon

Futon BaLe Kokos

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Futon Lana purOrganic Wool Futon

Futon Lana pur

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Futon Lana softOrganic Wool Latex Futon

Futon Lana soft

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Futon RoSchuOrganic Wool Futon

Futon RoSchu

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Dream of Far East.

Futon (origin Japanese for round filled fabric body) is the Japanese word for bed quilt and means ‘a place to sleep or bedstead’.

The Japanese have cultivated a tradition of creating healthy, tranquil and highly functional sleep environments. The desire for a more traditional and natural sleep environment is also a growing trend in Europe: The incredible comfort of a futon bed filled with natural fibres cannot be compared with any other bed or mattress. Our Baumberger Futons are made in true Asian tradition, without any suspending artifical materials and only made by naturla fibres.

Like Japanese futons, the filling is mostly made from desi-cotton, which is known for its superior fluffing properties, through which it has higher breathability and transports humidity better than regular cotton. In addition futons made from desi-cotton stay soft and pliable.

The other main filling material used in Baumberger futons is pure new wool. Mattresses with wool have a similarly long tradition in the Near East, as futons in Asia. Pure new wool is an excellent filling material for mattresses as it transports humidity away from the body quickly and has anti-bacterial properties.

Temperature regulating, it also retains its shape very well. Baumberger mattresses with wool, are optimised by designing them in the futon-style, which makes them rollable.

Other ‘ingredients’ enriching ‘the menu’ of the Baumberger Futon-Collection are linen, soft fleece layers or horsehair, coconut fibres or organic latexfoam as core filling materials.

Traditional Japanese futons are made from desi-cotton, a coarse and naturally curly cotton fibre. It hasn’t been extensively cultivated, which kept it in its original short length, that doesn’t lend itself to spinning yarn but makes it a great filling material for mattresses.

Baumberger Mattresses

Although desi-cotton is only grown in India and Pakistan, it has been an integral part of Japanese futons for centuries. Desi means ‘local’ Indian. This cotton variety is grown by small local farms as an interim crop. It has low nutrient or care requirements and is therefore very popular amongst the farmers. Similar to Japan, desi-cotton has long been used as filling material for mattresses and bedding in India and Pakistan. For our Baumberger products we only use high quality GOTS certified desi-cotton.

The pure new wool used for Baumberger futons is sourced from certified organic sheep farms in Germany and Austria and produced according to GOTS regulations. These farms are for the most part, small family businesses, which breed their sheep in a traditional way, close to nature and supply their wool to companies like Baumberger.

From all preparation stages of the fibres to the actual production of the futon, Baumberger has acquired GOTS certification. Baumberger futons are of the highest ecological standard and quality.

Futons have to be stapled in order to join the filling and the outside cover, making it one unit and preventing sliding and dislocation of the layers. Baumberger futons have been perfected over many years and we have developed an innovative interior stapling technique, by avoiding any buttons or tassels on the surface of the mattress, which improves the comfort significantly.

The durability is also extended through interior stapling, as it avoids piercing the outer fabric with the staple, so no tearing can occur. The classic, elegant look is further emphasised by the circumferential linen-cording.

By turning and rolling the mattress often, especially in the beginning, you can make sure the mattress filling is evenly distributed and adjusted. This guarantees the best possible sleeping experience.

The Japanese have cultivated a tradition of creating healthy, tranquil and highly functional sleep environments. 

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