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CocoKid Adolescent Mattress

CocoKid Adolescent Mattress has been developed with growing children in mind and resembles an adult mattress in composition and height. The coconut latex core is covered with a natural latex foam sheet on both sides. It is therefore possible to turn the mattress and experience equal sleeping comfort. CocoKid has great ventilation properties and has a point-elastic soft surface. The outside covers are either made from pure new wool or a cotton-linen blend providing excellent humidity transport properties.

From 5-16 years.
Suitable for side-sleeping position, moderately appropriate for stomach- and back sleeping positions.

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pure vegetal (with casing B)pure vegetal (with casing B)
CocoKid Jugendmatratze QUL Label
2,5 cm 100% Natural Latex Foam QUL, 5 cm 100% Omat Coconut latex-fibre QUL, 2,5 cm 100% Natural Latex Foam QUL
Outside Cover A
100% Pure New Wool kbT GOTS, 500g/m2
Outside Cover B
80% Desi Cotton kbA, 20% Linen kbA, GOTS, 500g/m2
100% Cotton kbA, GOTS, Drill, machine-washable at 60°, with triple zip
Inside Sleeve
100% Cotton kbA, Tricot, GOTS
12 cm
Indentation 4

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