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CocoLanaBaby / children’s mattress


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From cradle to …cradle

Everything returns to its origin, that is the infinite lifecycle of our beautiful planet. An every day object is here today and will eventually disintegrate and transform.

This is true for all things, however if they are made from non-degradable plastics and synthetic materials this transformation may take a thousand years or more.

Whereas natural materials will directly find their way back into earth’s lifecycle, without leaving any traces behind. For instance the Baumberger cradle mattresses are entirely bio-degradable and are recycled to make excellent compost for plants, again turning into a source for new life and seamlessly re-entering the rhythm of nature. From cradle to cradle, the lifecycle is complete.

Moreover using natural materials for the first ‘little nest’ for your child will be highly beneficial in terms of breathability, ventilation and heat retention properties. These are the most important characteristics for a healthy sleep environment, which especially important for children who spend nearly two thirds of their infancy and early childhood in bed.
Ergonomic considerations are equally important and natural latex foam with coconut latex offer the perfect solution.

Baumberger Mattresses

The Baumberger Children’s Collection offer products from sustainable and transparent production chains. GOTS und QUL certifications guarantee the highest quality products without any contaminations. The Baumberger Production process is also GOTS certified, which means all our materials are 100% sustainable.

‘Life can be messy, especially when you’re young’, which is why all Baumberger children’s and adolescent mattresses have removable and machine-washable outside covers.

The additional cover underneath can temporarily replace it when it needs to be washed and also helps to make the outside cover slide on and off more easily. The mattress cores are offered with two options for outside covers: Pure new wool or a cotton-linen blend.

Linen improves ventilation, which is very important for a children’s mattress. Since children grow very quickly it is important to buy a mattress that is a minimum of 25 cm longer than the child. If the distance is less it is best to upgrade to an adolescent mattress for your child.

Everything returns to its origin, that is the infinite lifecycle of our beautiful planet.

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