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Varia Lana Comfort Natural Latex Mattress

Relax in the comfort of 100% Natural Latex Foam. Enveloped in a wool tufted quilting layer, the Varia Lana Comfort mattress creates an exceptionally pleasant sleeping environment. The 14 cm core gently moulds itself to your body contours. It is suitable for side-sleepers with narrow shoulders and also for back and stomach-sleepers of nearly any weight.
The partner mattress* version has an additional protective inside sleeve tricot. The Varia Lana Comfort Z is a popular combination core, in the partner mattress.

Appropriate for side-sleeping positions, firmer version also for back and stomach-sleeping positions
Body weight: up to 85 kg -> medium, up to 100 kg -> firm
Use of mattress protector is advised, handles are optional.

We offer various sizes - visit the Baumberger Shop!

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Varia Lana Comfort
Varia Lana Comfort
QUL Varia Lana Comfort
14 cm 100% Natural Latex Foam QUL,1-Zone, medium or firm
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Cotton Sateen Drill
Quilting Layer
100% Pure New Wool kbT GOTS 300g/m2
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Tricot,quadruple zip at the Partner mattress
Inside Sleeve
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Tricot (at partner mattress)
16 cm
at 100 x 200 cm 25 kg
Indentation 7

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