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Latexflake Pillow

Latexflake Pillow / Latexflake Quilted Pillow

A very durable and soft point elastic filling, which makes this pillow unique. The latex flakes are made from 100% natural latex foam and are free-flowing. This is how the pillow can be individually moulded and adapted to the neck area. Since latex flakes are non-slip the filling remains in shape until it is shaken back into its original form. The latex flake pillow is machine-washable in its entirety. The height of the filling can be adjusted by removing or adding flakes.

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Latexflake Pillow
Latexflake Pillow
Rein pflanzlichpure vegetal
100% natural Latex Flakes, hand wash only at 30°
100% Cotton kbA, GOTS, Percale, machine-washable at 60°, with zip
Quilted Pillow
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Fine-Percale
Quilting Layer
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, 300g/m2
100% Cotton kbA GOTS, Tricot machine-washable at 60°, with zip
10 cm Pillow / 11 cm Quilted Pillow
ca. 1.600 g at 40 x 60 cm

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