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Camel Plush Topper Mattress Topper

A mattress topper so comfortable and warm such as this is simply heaven to touch for body and soul. Bedding made of Camelhair is known for its soothing properties. The open pile-fabric structure of camel plush has fast humidity transport and optimal temperature regulating properties. This creates a gentle massage effect, which improves circulation. The Camel-Plush Mattress Topper is an ideal match for elastic mattresses, especially when full point elasticity is preferred. This mattress topper can be used with or without bed sheets. It is also a very good alternative to sheepskin in children’s beds, as it offers complete breathability and ventilation.

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Camel Plush Mattress Topper

Moisture Transport:

Heat retention:


50% Baby Camel Lanugo, 50% Pure New Wool kbT
Backing Material
100% Cotton kbA
Reverse Side
50% Baby Camel Lanugo, 50% Pure New Wool kbT
Elastic Straps
40% Cotton / 60% Natural Rubber
Framing Tape
100% Pure New Wool
1,5 cm
ca. 1.200 g at 100 x 200 cm
Cold wash only

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