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Mattress-Protectors Baumberger Bedding

MolletonMattress Cover

Molleton Mattress Cover

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LinenMattress Protector

Linen Mattress Protector

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Mollton pads and mattress covers are not the most important parts of a bed but are often essential.

If possible, these should also be made from ecological natural materials. The Baumberger program is a round thing and therefore contains corresponding accessories.

A well-appointed bed should also include mattress protectors. It would be saved at the wrong end, because the durability of the mattress sometimes depends heavily on the use of a schooner.

The friction between slatted frame and mattress is often underestimated. A very elastic latex mattress would be fully delivered to the edges of the slatted frame. This could damage the latex core permanently.


Not every bed system requires a schooner. But at higher body weight he is basically useful. Baumberger schooners are made of organic linen.

Mollton pads serve primarily as a hygiene protection on the mattress. The air conditioning of a bed can hardly be improved by the use of the molleton support (compared to the underbed). Baumberger molleton pads are not waterproof, so they are not provided with a layer of polypropylene or styrene rubber.

Leinenschoner as well as the Moltonauflage are certified from the fiber production up to the final product GOTS.

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