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BaLe Plush Blanket Cotton/Linen

Our clients find the BaLe plush blanket very cuddly, soft and comfortable. Unique to this new development is that the pile is made of a mixture of organic cotton and linen. Linen quickly transports moisture and has an antibacterial effect. Cotton is very soft and hygroscopic. The properties of both fibres taken together may well compete with animal fibres. The BaLe plush blanket is the perfect purely plant-based alternative to plush blankets made of wool or camel hair. The lining of the BaLe plush is roughened to create a fleece-like pile.

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BaLe Plush
Rein pflanzlichpure vegetal

Moisture Transport:

Heat retention:


80% organic cotton, 20% linen
Backing material:
100% organic cotton
80% organic cotton, 20% linen
100% cotton
4 cm
Filling Weight:
ca. 950 g at 135 x 200 cm
ca. 2.800 g at 135 x.200 cm

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