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Duvets Baumberger Bedding

BaLe Quilted Duvet Cotton/Linen

BaLe Quilted Duvet

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BaLe Quilted warm Cotton/Linen

BaLe Quilted Duvet warm

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BaLe Duo Duvet Cotton/Linen

BaLe Duo Duvet

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BaLe Duo extrawarm Cotton/Linen

BaLe Duo extra warm

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BaLe Plush Blanket Cotton/Linen

BaLe Plush

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BaLe Plush Duo-Blanket Cotton/Linen


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Wool Quilted Duvet Wool blanket

Wool Quilted Duvet

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Wool-Quilted warm Wool blanket

Wool-Quilted warm

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Wool Duo Duvet Wool blanket

Wool Duo Duvet

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Wool Duo extrawarm Wool blanket

Wool Duo extrawarm

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Wool Plush Wool blanket

Wool Plush

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Wool Plush Duo Wool blanket

Wool Plush Duo

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TorWo Quilted Cotton/Linen

TorWo Quilted Duvet

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TorWo Quilted warm Cotton/Linen

TorWo Quilted Duvet warm

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TorWo Duo Cotton/Linen

TorWo Duo Duvet

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TorWo Duo extrawarm Cotton/Linen

TorWo Duo Duvet extrawarm

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Camel Quilted Duvet Duvet

Camel Quilted Duvet

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Camel Quilted warm Camel Hair

Camel Quilted warm

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Camel Duo Duvet Camel Hair

Camel Duo Duvet

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Camel Duo extrawarm Camel Hair

Camel Duo extrawarm

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Camel Plush Camel Hair

Camel Plush

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Camel Plush Duo Camel Hair

Camel Plush Duo Duvet

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In order to maintain the high degree of conformability of natural fibers, Baumberger blankets are quilted as little as possible.

But as much as necessary to ensure a long shelf life or a washability. Just quilting seams in the ceiling have a stiffening effect. One reason why Baumberger blankets have the most rounded steppdessins possible. Duo blankets store more heat than quilts of the same weight due to the higher air entrapment. Two quilts, so to speak, are quilted separately from each other and are only connected by the surrounding binding tape. As a result of which the stitching seams do not pass from top to bottom in a duvet corner, cold bridges are avoided.

The vegetable fibers cotton and linen are relatively smooth and short of fiber structure, relative to wool. Therefore, but also for the sake of washability, Baumberger Bale blankets are more intensely quilted with pure vegetable fillings. Combi covers are tapestry or duo comforters. These two, as different as possible blankets, are knotted together in winter and can be used separately from each other according to the other seasons. Ceilings equipped with ribbons can also be folded well together on the other half or knotted. So it is possible to make an infant blanket a children blanket.

Plush blankets made from sheep's wool, camel hair or cotton are mostly used without bed linen. The massaging effect of the pile is perceived as pleasant. Plush blankets are also a lot softer than quilts, which are filled with the same material, or the same amount of material.

At this point it should be pointed out again that all duvets and underbeds are also available in children's sizes.

Baumberger Bedding

Cleaning Tips:
Blankets made of wool or camel hair should be aired well and often sunbathe. A subsequent light knocking increases the cleaning effect. However, the self-cleaning effect of animal fibers does not always make washing the blankets unnecessary. For this you ask us or your dealer for an ecological cleaning service. Covers should be cold-washed and cold-dried, even with moisturizing detergents. Baumberger plush blankets can be washed cold (wool plush and camel plush). BaLe blankets are washable at 60 ° C or 40 ° C (plush). Experience has shown that these shrink something after the first wash. For this reason, BaLe ceilings are made larger accordingly.

If necessary, pay attention to water softening measures. After washing, shape well and let dry. Level 2 - 3 ironing smoothes the blanket and refills the fiber filling. The dryer, as a modern household appliance, still eats too much energy, but here brings the best result at gentle temperatures. Good airing, sunbathing and light beating can also be used to regenerate BaLe products.

Duvets should be replaced after 5 to 8 years, depending on quality and intensity of use.