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Baumberger IngredientsVitamines for healthy sleep

As the comfort of nature envelops you, you will experience how beneficial ecologically produced materials are for a good night’s sleep. For our customer’s benefit we process our raw materials in our own factory wherever possible. So you can be certain that the bespoke bed you receive is made from guaranteed renewable sources.

Here are the most popular Baumberger natural products and their most important properties:

kbT Pure New Wool

kbT Pure New Wool
  • climate controlling
  • moisture absorbing
  • self cleaning
  • permeable and dry warm
  • highly elastic and stable

kbA Deshi Cotton

kbA Deshi Cotton
  • especially fluffy and soft cotton
  • permeable
  • hard-wearing
  • strapazierfähig
  • moisture absorbing
  • hypoallergenic

Horsehair / Horsetail Hair

Horsehair / Horsetail Hair
  • quick moisture transport
  • little heat retention
  • highly durable and long lasting
  • permeable even under pressure
  • curly horse hair only


  • highly permeable
  • from natural latex and assorted coconut fibres
  • good support
  • visco-elastic, firm edge and shape retaining
  • therefore especially appropriate for children’s mattresses
  • moisture and hest regulating

((kbA) Natural Latex Foam

((kbA) Natural Latex Foam
  • superior bending and point elasticity
  • highly breathable, dur to open-pores and natural ventilation system
  • naturally antiseptic
  • extremely durable and non shrink
  • dust free, hypoallergenic

kbA Linen/Flax

kbA Linen/Flax
  • hard-wearing and tear proof
  • dirt repellent properties
  • natural antibacterial properties
  • excellent moisture transport
  • breathable
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